Dice Tower Theatre presents: Dawn of Dragons - an Audio Adventure

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S2E7 - A Song in the Dream

May 17, 2020

A mysterious stranger joins the party, and the strange underworld speaks riddles cloaked in dreams.

Warning:  This episode deals with aspects of terror that may be uncomfortable for some listeners.

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| FERRA IRONSTONE- Nikki Richardson - Top of the Round Podcast - https://www.totrpodcast.com/ 

| LARAHANA SHIELDHEART - Laura Jerdak - https://www.facebook.com/JessoLaurusRex/

| EREBUS SHIELDHEART - Jesse Phillips - https://www.facebook.com/JessoLaurusRex/
| VIX - Daniel Nichols - The Happy Go Lukky Podcast - https://happygolukky.com/ 

| LORD PALLUS - Ian Wilkinson
| JADE - Kara Danvers
| SKOTMIR - Colten Jannssen
| SOPHIE - Sarah Jenkins
| CORDELIA - Joleen Fresquez
| BENEDICT - Brian Dowling
| ZORIN - Cody Miller
| ZANE - Storm S Cone
| NARRATOR - Mike Atchley

All Music/Production by Mike Atchley

Thanks to Haley Munoz, Corey Phautch, Daniel Nichols
and Brave Adventures for their support!


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